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Christine Giampaoli Zonca — It Just Doesn’t Get Much Better

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February 18, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

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Christine Giampaoli Zonca: A self taught automotive mechanic, mechanical engineer,  a rising rally driver,  a fierce competitor,  way nice enough to give time for an interview and all this wrapped up in internationally beautful body and persona.




To really understand this article you need to know about the Canary Islands, where Christine lives.  They are a  Spanish archipelago located 62 miles from the coast of Morocco.situation-of-the-canary-islands-map

The Canary Islands beaches, climate and important natural attractions, make it a major tourist destination with over 12 million visitors per year.morro-del-jable-at-the-very-end-of-fuerteventura-beach-of-morro-jable-canary-island-fuerteventura-spain-671-



ACAG: I’m always amazed by someone who is multilingual. Are you fluent in anything else besides English, Italian and Spanish? I assume you are most comfortable with Spanish since the the Canary Island are a part of Spain

Christine:  I am actually Italian and I am equally comfortable in Italian, Spanish and (hopefully) English.  I went to University in England which helped me a lot!!12733576_1706519952950856_4434011280281395986_n



ACAG: The Canary Islands are quite the exotic and unique part of the world. They have great year around weather beautiful beaches and country side. Are there any down sides?

Christine:  Yes, the temperature is amazing!! But… It is a long way to travel to even mainland Spain, let alone anywhere else in Europe!11071742_1582720601997459_1007812009026288804_n



ACAG: You live on one island and race and another island etc. What are logistic of getting from island to island.

Christine: It can take a very long time to get around, without taking into account the expenses! At least I drive my own tow truck.. and so as my rallying career moves to the next level, which I hope it will,  I will probably need to re-locate!11410418_370260446517425_1616126169_n




ACAG: You race in the Canarian gravel Rally Championship series. Is that a professional or a serious amateur series?

Christine:  It is professional and the standard is actually very good!11221287_10205877845378230_7577557773192395986_n





ACAG:In 2016 you’re moving up from the Toyota (FWD class 1.6) to the Subaru (AWD class 4×4 2.0 ).  I would assume you will be competing against a higher skill level of driver?

Christine:  I think the skill of the driver is not necessarily changing but the power of the car, and the four-wheel driver,  means that it is mostly far more experienced drivers that I would be competing against.  There is a massive difference between the two cars… I’m really excited for this change.(pictures are Christine with her new Subaru)10275961_1689308161338702_303905858624639317_n



ACAG: By the way, what’s going on with the Peugeot pictured on you Facebook

Christine: They are one of the works teams I am in talks with for the longer term future but it is far too early to know if I will be fortunate enough to secure a deal with them.  I really hope so!12295377_1678852569050928_5720268835079349628_n (1) 11205971_1674194779516707_1398458257209744717_n


ACAG: The thing about you that amazes me the most is the amount of  mechanical abilities that you acquired in such a short time and learning it pretty much on your own. Roughly what percent of the mechanical work do you do on your rally cars?

Christine:  I do an awful lot!0006 (1)  This is something I have worked on for many years.  When I was a young girl my parents thought I was out playing volleyball  – when in fact I was working on cars!10296979_524887634299857_380074218_nI also have a degree in Motorsports Technology so I think what is unique – and will hopefully help me attract some much needed sponsors and support –  is that I am a female mechanic, engineer and driver! But that isn’t enough of course… I really enjoy the work but I have so much to learn yet.11820551_1664263120380194_477013716_n 11809588_1605481776379780_1682154281_n


ACAG: Tell me about your Subaru and what you’ve had to do to get it rally ready?

Christine:  It has taken me a long time to take this car from being my street car, to a battered shell  to become into rallying race worthy condition.12301769_1681784148757770_3949130115717412623_n It has been hundreds and hundreds of hours of work but all very much enjoyable and worth it.12558497_1660427434220475_1623913264_n (1)

12705380_1706168352986016_1717382193460059914_n 946047_1692323731037145_355350774618363959_n (2)


ACAG: When did you run your first competitive rally?

Christine:  In 2014, one of the hardest races of the championship, with no assisted steering! haha1517341_253676981466559_2134296435_n 11692532_1629950493941136_4126482127611522505_n (1)


ACAG: Let’s assume 2016 racing goes pretty well for you anything in the works for 2017 and beyond?

Christine:  This year really is a formative one. I have just started work with some management in the UK and I need in 2016 to build my profile, rally as much as I can close to home,  but try and find either a works team or sponsors to come on board.  The ideal plan is that in 2017 I would do a full rallying season in the British Rally Championship, which really is an elite level.   I then can look to progress to European Rally Championship and my ultimate aim is to compete in the prestigious WRC.   A few women have done it but my goal has to be to become the most successful female rally driver ever –  if I don’t dare to dream…………..ps4 (1)


ACAG: Ever been to America ( if yes elaborate or if no are there any plans to visit)

Christine: I’ve have been to New York, incredible!   I will certainly be keen to visit and it may be that Rallycross is an option for me, which is very big in America!11218955_1649802985289220_7414008238482975815_n


ACAG:  Beside Rallying what racing genres do you follow?

Christine:  I love any motorsport.  I love cars,  I would not choose to do anything else but work with cars, drive them or watch them!1240_1687044458231739_3600783142414722519_n


ACAG: It can’t be all work all the time. Any hobbies hobbies you enjoy on the islands

Christine:  Working with cars? Does that count.  I like to buy, fix and sell cars, too….. Maybe some surfing now and then?10624179_1466078793679097_2036162590_n 0002 10929158_1554641148138738_7435510258975087679_n 12289768_1678622495740602_3285410598059072925_n 11828729_1642014542734731_1567436070323547645_n will certainly be following the career of Christine. You can keep up to date with Christine by liking her on her Facebook – Christine Giampaoli Zonca.






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