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SARA PRICE – Gorgeous, Races Anything With Wheels, And Is Her Own MECHANIC

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Sara started her racing career as a professional Motocross and Supercross racer. Her motorcycle racing career stared in 20o6 that led to several championships. Highlights of her motorcycle career includes being a mentalists in the 2010 and 2011  X Games. In 2013 she made her switch to 4 wheels, winning several off road  championships, several Time Attack road racing championships. She also is motorcycle  for commercials and Hollywood and still had time for a beauty pageant or two.——————————————————————————————————————————————

ACAG: Why the switch from your roots in motorcycle to four wheels?

SARA: Growing up motocross was my everything when the economy dropped off the money dropped in our sport and made it tough on a lot of racers and specially the women racers, the future wasn’t to bright, and near impossible to make a living. I had raced my dads side X side in 2008 in a Offroad race and had a blast but in 2012 the transition really happened while on my outs with motocross. My dad comes from a background of Offroad car racing so it’s always been in my family and then I found cars satisfied my adrenaline needs as well as being a little safer and I ended up doing very very well as a driver and one opportunity just led to the next! I still love to ride my dirt bike tho.
ACAG: Did you have to have a preform, like singing or something,  when you participated in the 2013 California USA Pageant? If it was just judged on physical appearance you should have won.

SARA:  In the miss California USA pageant it was a interview, gown, bikini and final question. It was a really awesome experience, I represented motocross on my sash and was super excited to highlight the sport on such a women forward field!5f883695-f20c-4d95-842f-4838360e9e4e


ACAG: So far in 2016 you said you’ve competed King of the Hammers and UTV world championship. A few sentences about the events and how you did in these events.

SARA: Me and my team mate Erica Sacks otherwise known as the “Teryx Girls” race our Kawasaki Teryx all over.2813f7a6-4e86
The year before last we were the first American side X side team to race in the Rallye Aicha des gazelles in Morocco Africa (The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc is the only women-only off-road rally in the world). Created in 1990, this unique event brings women between the ages of 18 and 65 from more than 30 different countries together in the Moroccan desert)Teryx_Girls-3-of-4
and we continued this year and decided to tackle a new form of driving for both of us rock crawling!  It was a blast and we did awesome at the King of the Hammers, we ended up having some problems at mile 78 where we couldn’t continue but we’re in 5th place when that happened when starting 20th. We really showed we meant business and were there to be competitive in your Teryx.12918440_991482780933584_1473014541_n

ACAG: Still to come in 2016: Terracross, Rebelle Rally as the Teryx Girls. Maybe a word or two of each of these events.

 Sara: I’m so excited to get Terracross started soon and BitTorrent will be my title sponsor for that as well as the Rebelle rally in our Toyota of Escondido Toyota 4Runner.sara-price1
Me and Erica are excited to be apart of he Rebelle rally in its first history making year!2016-king-of-the-hammers-teryx-girls-preview-utvunderground.com012 (1)


ACAG: When you and Erica do an event as the Teryx Girls, is one of you driving and one of you navigating or what?

SARA:I pretty much drive 100% of the time and Erica Navigate 100% of the time. We work really well as a team and if needed help each other as well.Teryx-Girls
ACAG: It appears that you compete driving both a Kawasaki and Polaris. Is that a problem?

SARA: I’ve ridden Kawasaki all my life in motocross since I was a little girl, when Kawasaki decided to support us in our driving adventures I thought how cool is that to continue our relationship and loyalty, it a pretty cool thing and special at that to have such a long relationship With a company like that. I only race a Polaris in the Terracross series now and Kawasaki understands, since it’s a Polaris only series.13240150_1176414329058139_546244828950419320_n10003952_768339033199006_723761056585027554_n

ACAG: How much of the mechanic work do you do on your racing ATVs?
Sara: Besides the fabrication, All of it!
ACAG: All of it, wow, I must say that is pretty damn impressive.
SARA: That’s a big part of the process and as a race. I think it important to know your equipment and how to fix it and if you trust your equipment and that prep you will have that much more confidence on the track.
ACAG: I would think that driving the Toyota of Escondido race prepped Scion FRS in Red Line Time Attack would be a bunch of fun. How is that going?
SARA; It’s been a blast learning street track racing. Toyota of Escondido FRS is one awesome vehicle and so grateful to have the oppurtunity to learn a new discipline as it can only make me a better driver all around. This year we moved into the modified class and been doing awesome currently in a podium position in points in the TRD Cup.11856644_435654993309394_72264480_n11934662_741613285985164_1870256240_n13129604_976035772449531_999795906_n13150799_588171014693028_205773579_n
ACAG: Semi serious question cause it’s something I would do. You drive in a lot of racing genres and differed vehicles and motorcycles.Ever got to a track and discovered that you had brought the wrong vehicle or had the right vehicle but you went to the wrong track?
SARA:  Haha no we are always pretty prepared and if not we make it happen haha.917554_1695111747443612_1036433015_n
ACAG: You ever race east of the Mississippi? It seems all  pictures of are Southwet USA and Morraco
SARA:Oh yes all over the place I have raced :) Just got back  A Terracross event in North Carolina.
ACAG: What’s a day off?
SARA: Day off these days consist of a day at the track riding my dirt bike or going to the desert and hanging out with friends and family. Todays life is so busy with all the racing and stunt work I do and traveling I’m very fortunate and love working but when I am free it’s nice to catch up with friends and family.ArCnATPCMAEu4An13285462_487526608103466_700347233_n
ACAG: You talked about doing motorcycle stunts for TV commercials. Are there any videos of any of your stunt work?
SARA: I wish I could share but all that is under strict privacy contracts. Just look for a motorcycle flying through the air on a commercial.13427846_1193737647325807_5328156163187606360_n13434883_1193207060712199_4843747858634631736_n
ACAG: What’s the goal for three years from now?
 SARA: We will just have to wait and see :) things constantly are changing for myself and always evolving and you can bet whatever happens it will be pure awesomeness!af0f9b71-f58c-4515-81f1-5741a6d323a9unnamed-6-600x400
Awesomeness it will be! Thanks Sara!


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