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Georgia Lindsay Albertson — NBCSN Reporter For Lucas Oil Motocross

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maxresdefault (1)Information on Georgia is sketchy. Usually, there is a bio somewhere along the way for a girl who is reporting for one of the major networks but not Georgia. So here’s what I’ve put together.

Georgia was born and raised just south of London, England in the lovely town of Tenderten. Circa 2011 Georgia was doing reporting for the European version of the Lucas Oil National Professional Motocross. Jimmy Albertson, a well respected American MX rider, was trying his hand at the European circuit. All which resulted in Georgia and Jimmy meeting, marrying and moving to America.s780_101511mec_practice004

Georgia has done various reporting and presenting work in the American motocross scene. In 2017 she was able to nail down the reporter position for NBCSN for the Lucas Oil National Professional Motocross.13658674_275874739436441_1464021645_n

Here is an observation on how she is handling the job: ” This lady knows her sport. I have watched her on the MXGP circuit and she knew more technical details than most of the male presenters and riders. She needs to be put in as a major presenter in the USA. She is involved directly in the sport as her husband is a solid AMA rider. Watch some videos and you will see her pitboarding for Jimmy at practice tracks. She is the real deal for MX/SX”.s780_072613blast067


Georgia is fully cable of a little riding herself and can do some serious mechanic work.283945_204181709631016_2917068_n00georgia5

It looks like Georgia has settled quite well into being a good-ole-Oklahoma country girl.18721808_1320922661354507_2221939023495036928_n

That is until she has something to say and the confusion begins. 


Georgia certainly doesn’t lack for personality!00georgia4 (1)

Couple of glamour shots to wrap it up.s1200_n502173333_235963_6781 n502173333_489520_9826




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