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Federica Masolin — Italian F1 Sky Sports Reporter

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Fredrica Masolin is an Italian broadcaster and journalist who is recognized for her work with the European network Sky Sports. She has covered events ranging from professional volleyball to Formula 1 racing.19120623_1390786684290518_412624629182496768_n

 Quoting Fredrica “For three years I have been working on Formula One, I follow the races and qualifications. It is a very interesting and complex program because it is broadcast live, there is no studio and editorial support is essential. It is surely the most complete experience I am particularly proud of today. “f1-italian-gp-2016-federica-masolin-sky-f1-italia-presenter-centre-and-davide-valsecchi-sk

“I am very pleased with what I’m doing because it is very complex hour or so. You find yourself talking about three or four languages and there is nothing written. It is a path that you build in the while and where you need to know that what’s up.”

What, Thre of or four languages this lady must as smart as she is drop-dead gorgeous.federica6


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Federica Masolin, Giselle Zarur, Claudia Casademunt Blanes and Amanda Davies attend the Amber Lounge Fashion Monaco 2017 at Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel on May 26, 2017 in Monaco. The Monaco F1 Race is a different world and Fredrica is all over it

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Fredrica learning the ins and outs of F1 racing from the Force India TeamDMlXKQyWkAEyqVg22638932_2018689398415969_5346090671168028672_n f1-united-states-gp-2017-federica-masolin-sky-italia-presenter-with-sahara-force-india (2)


and the  teamDPUrDwiWsAA-hv9

As well as F1 pit reporting, Fredrica has her own sports show on Sky Sportsvlcsnap-2017-05-16-12h51m36s106 21433306_673302559529385_7674006599647625216_n vlcsnap-2017-05-16-12h51m36s106


Fredrica has a fondest for sea animals23164624_1726752944010701_2446771924261404672_n 1504544055199.JPG--


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