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What all these companies have in common is that they all build after-market Ford Mustangs. Pictured below is the Roush Stage 3 Mustang.

In general you buy the Mustang you want from Ford and send it to one of these companies. They will add horsepower and other goodies to make it faster, handle better, stop better, styling uniqueness and more expensive. These upgrades cost anywhere from $17,000 t0 $155,000 over and above what the cost of the Mustang. You could write a book about each company and their products but will attempt to reduce it to a couple of sentences and some pictures and hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what’s going own. Remember, Ford offers four level’s of Mustangs: V6-entry level, GT-440 hp entry level high performance, Boss 302-440 hp road race special, GT500–supercharged 685 hp. Pictured below is the $55,000, GT500 from Ford.


The builders are listed in no certain order:

SteedaSteeda’s top of the line Mustang is the Q600 StreetFighter. They take the Mustang GT and upgrade suspension, chassis, braking components, aero/styling, wheels and tires plus they add a Ford Racing/Whipple Supercharger 525HP/470TQ .


RoushThe Stage 3 Mustang is the pinnacle of the ROUSH “Stage” Mustangs. It builds off the styling from the Stage 1, the handling from the Stage 2, and adds its own piece of the pie, a supercharged, 585 hp Ford 5.0L-4v powertrain. It is the perfect interfusion of styling, handling and brut power.


 ShelbyThe Shelby 1000 and the Shelby 1000 S/C are 50-state, street-legal cars. They are the high performance dream of founder Carroll Shelby. If you want one here’s what you do. Go to your Ford dealership and order a 650 hp, $55,000 Mustang Shelby GT500 and have the dealership deliver your GT 500 to the Shelby American facility. Then send Shelby American another $150,000 to get the 950 hp Shelby 1000 or $155,000 to get the 1,100 hp Shelby 1000 S/C. The S/C is suppose to be for the track only. The Shelby 1000 models are upgraded and modified in every possible way.


SaleenFrom his web site Steve Saleen seems to be an egotistical maniac. His signature Mustang is the  SMS25 supercharged 720 hp, Ford 5 liter engine with Saleen’s latest and greatest chassis, suspension, brakes, aero, wheels and tires. 


HennesseyHennessey’s flagship Mustang is Venom 850R Shelby GT500 that makes 850 hp from the Ford 5.0 liter engine. The car is loaded with all the latest and greatest stuff that Hennessey has to offer.

 The Mustang maybe be the only car in the world that the price can range from $22,500 to $210,000 and any place in between. Pictured below is the base $22,500, 6 sp, 305hp and 31 mpg, V6 Mustang, It lookin pretty good to me.

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