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The 6th Gen MUSTANG?????

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August 24, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

First of this is not what the 6th Gen of Mustang will look like. It’s just the most audacious, attention graping picture I could find that had 2014 Mustang in its caption. 

The 6th Generation Mustang is on the horizon, introduction in mid 2014 as a 2015 model. What is known for sure is that it will have an independent rear suspension, a direct injection engine of some kind, and an entirely new styling. Like all cars of the future this means a more aerodynamic, lighter and efficient car.

The new look is the the thing that is getting the most press. The retro look of the 5th Gen, which was introduced in 2005, will be eschewed for a car with a more European styling. The only thing that is kind of concrete is that there will be some styling ques from the acclaimed concept car Ford Evo seen below.

I have included some pictures of the Evo and guesstimate drawings available from wanna be designers. You can make you own guesstimates. I personally think the new styling is needed and the Mustang will continue to be a fast, fun, great looking, affordable car.

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